Durable Medical Equipment

Durable Medical Supplies for
Lockport, NY & the Surrounding Areas

Middleport Family Health Center is an accredited durable medical equipment (DME) billing facility. 

If you need a certain type of medical equipment, we are able to bill most insurances for various medical supplies, supports, and appliances including braces and walkers. Come in and ask one of our staff members if we are able to bill your insurance. This way you can get the equipment you need without having to empty your pockets! 

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Stop by our pharmacy to pick up some durable medical equipment. Our medical supplies are available to anyone in the Lockport, NY area.
Medical Supplies Lockport, NY

We Provide Top Quality Medical Supplies

If you need medical supplies and live in Lockport or any of the surrounding areas, give the team at Middleport Family Health Center a call! We provide durable and high quality medical equipment for a price that won’t break the bank and, in many cases, that can even be billed by insurance!

Middleport Family Health Center Serves Lockport & Surrounding Areas

Middleport Family Health Center is dedicated to helping those in need get the absolute most out of their medicine. We are also aware that both medicine and technology are advancing at a rapid rate so, to stay ahead of the curve, we continuously improve our education and strive to better our knowledge. We also help aspiring medical professionals by employee bright young college students from nearby colleges and giving them invaluable hands on experience in the field. All of this helps us deliver higher quality and more effective care to those in need. Whether you are in Middleport or are from surrounding areas like Lockport, our doors are always open to. Feel free to stop by our give us a call to inquire about our services. We provide everything from prescription refills to medical equipment, and even have a gift shop!
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